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Our Tile and Grout Cleaners in Atlanta, GA Performed a Wonderful Restoration on This Kitchen Countertop

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September 20, 2018

Countertops are an essential part of the kitchen. They are the place where the family gathers to prepare meals, have casual dinners, or get ready for the day. On the other hand, countertops serve more than just a practical function; they also determine the whole look and feel of the kitchen. Colors and materials should match the rest of the furnishings in the kitchen. Therefore, these are important factors when choosing the right countertop. Homeowners who want an alternative to natural stone tend to opt for porcelain. This trending surface offers many of the benefits of natural stone, while being less porous and highly customizable. It is highly resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. These features make porcelain ideal for the kitchen, but despite its sturdiness and durability, it has a weak spot: grout. This mixture is necessary when installing tiles because it holds them in place and prevents water leakage.

Before and After Picture of a Kitchen Countertop After Our Tile and Grout Cleaners Service in Atlanta, GA
Unlike porcelain, grout is highly porous and prone to absorbing all sorts of liquids, dirt, and grime. Grout lines can quickly become unsightly, spoiling the appearance of the countertop. When grout is badly damaged, it can only be restored with proper maintenance and professional equipment. Our next client was not pleased with the condition of the countertop in her kitchen. The porcelain tiles were fairly easy to maintain at first, but over time the surface had become stained and blemished. The owner tried to solve the issues with some DIY methods she found online, but none of them worked. Frustrated with the unsuccessful results, she decided to replace the countertop. However, after doing some research, she realized building a new counter would not fit her current budget. Fortunately, our Atlanta Tile and Grout Cleaners were able to restore the surface for a fraction of the cost.

The woman's husband told her that perhaps their best option at the moment was to look for professionals who could clean the porcelain surface. They went online and searched for tile and grout cleaners in Atlanta, GA. In the top results, they found Sir Grout Atlanta and decided to browse our site. The picture gallery immediately caught their attention. The pictures showcased the professionalism of our work and the superior quality we provide our customers. They were relieved to see we had achieved impressive results on porcelain countertops with the same kind of damages as theirs. After checking the pictures, they read comments from previous satisfied clients. The positive feedback certified us as a leading company in the industry. The owners were convinced we had the solution for their problem. They called us to schedule a free in-home consultation.

On the appointed date, we arrived at the house to begin the evaluation of the surface and to offer the most effective solution for its restoration. The woman greeted us and after a brief introduction, we proceeded with the assessment. We soon noticed the stains left by daily wear and tear. This gave the porcelain tiles an unclean appearance. We also spotted damage in the grout lines. They were full of dirt and had acquired a darkish color. We could tell the grout lacked sealant, which can cause a myriad of problems. We explained that unsealed grout can absorb all sorts of external agents like cleaner residue or any splash of liquid left on the surface. We pointed out that the composition of the grout is highly susceptible to these kinds of damages. When the grout and the harmful agents become one, it is necessary to perform proper maintenance and professional treatment for full restoration.

We offered a tile and grout cleaning service to bring back the sleek appearance of the surface with our top of the line process, tile- and grout-safe products, and professional equipment. We would also seal the grout lines with our special sealant. We assured the owner the countertop would have a brand-new look when we were finished. The woman was happy with our assessment and the solution we proposed. She accepted our offer and agreed to set up a date for the job.

A couple of days later, we returned to our client's house to begin the restoration of the countertop. Our process consisted of several steps and required high-end tools, the most advanced techniques, and superior quality products. We started by cleaning the tiles and grout using our special pH-neutral cleaner and a high-speed scrubber. Our product now has an enhanced formula that can help inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. The surface can stay sanitized for an extended period of time after application. When the tiles were no longer dirty, we were ready to perform all the necessary repairs in the grout lines. We made sure to leave the grout pristine and spotless before moving to the next step. Using a high temperature steam cleaner, we removed the remaining grime and dirt from the areas that were difficult to reach. Once that was done, we proceeded to seal the surface.

We sealed the grout lines with our top of the line ColorSeal. This high level sealant blocks the absorption of liquids and protects the surface against dirt, grime, and all other harmful external agents. When it is applied, excessive scrubbing won't be necessary, making cleaning routines easier and faster. It comes in a variety of colors so the owner can match the grout with the tiles, enhancing the appearance of the countertop. Thanks to its highly resistant composition, our sealant wards off damages from daily wear and tear, and with the right maintenance, it lasts for a long time.

We thoroughly performed all the steps until the surface was completely restored. When we finished the process, the countertop had been renewed. It looked spotless and free of blemishes. All the grout lines had a beautiful, vibrant color and were protected with our sealant. The tiles looked clean and free of stains. Our client's countertop had regained its charm with a pristine appearance. This remarkable feat could have only been accomplished with our team's experience and knowledge in hard surface restoration.

We invited our client to see the outcome of our professional work. The woman was amazed to see that all the stains had been removed from the surface. The countertop had fully recovered its classic, homey appearance. She was blown away with the refreshed appearance it gave to the kitchen. The woman was happy with the results and said that our performance had gone beyond her expectations. She was relieved because she could finally enjoy her kitchen without worries, and postpone remodeling for the moment. After thanking us, she stated that from that point on, she would recommend our services to all her friends, family, and neighbors. Sir Grout Atlanta had become her company of choice for hard surface restoration.

We always provide advice on how to perform proper maintenance and keep the great condition of the surface for years to come. Before leaving, we gave the owner some recommendations and suggestions to make cleaning routines safe, easy, and effective:
  • Use pH-neutral, soap free cleaners like our Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our product is safe for the grout and tile because it doesn't leave any sticky residue. Also, it has ingredients that can provide protection against bacteria and fungi. Soap-based and acidic cleaners, on the other hand, should be avoided. They leave residue that is harmful for the grout lines and can stain or even break them.

  • Keep the surface dry and free of liquids and splashes. Remove any spill from the countertop as soon as it occurs. Don't let water or cleaner residue lingering for long periods of time. When drying the tiles, use a towel or a terry cloth to prevent scratches and avoid using abrasive tools like steel wools.

  • Never use a dirty cloth to clean the countertop. Don't rinse the cloth in the cleaning solution because this only causes grime to build-up. Also, thanks to our sealant, cleaning routines will be easier.
Our top-notch process, unique products, and these easy to follow steps are guaranteed to keep the beautiful, restored condition of the countertop.

It is possible to give your stained kitchen countertop a second chance with Sir Grout Atlanta's professional help. Our award-winning tile and grout cleaning processes will bring back the beauty of any surface. We provide experienced and qualified assistance that will make your countertop look like new again. As a leading company in the hard surface restoration industry, we have the most effective techniques to help you with your problem. Don't hesitate to contact us by calling (678) 251-2140 or by filling out our "Request a Quote" form for a free in-home consultation. We will be happy to attend you. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest info and promotions.

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